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The Academy was created to: teach people “how to” utilize the dolphin attributes of breath, sound, and movement in their daily lives for improved health.

The Academy uses the dolphin imagery to symbolize the integration of their energy as playful mammals similar to humans.

Brian and Michelle were initiated into the dolphin energy by swimming in a pod of 39 spinner dolphins in Hawaii in 2005. Later the pod split and held three people, including the two of us, within 19 dolphins. One of the dolphins appeared to Brian soon afterwards. Dolphin dive leader Matisha at www.songofhome.com.

Michelle participated in dolphin therapy for autistic children in Panama City Beach, Florida, through http://www.waterplanetusa.com in August 2004.

Dolphins utilize sonic entrainment for healing. They function at a higher level than ultrasound.  Man has not been able to replicate their sound.

The ankh is an ancient symbol which represents the breath of life in Egypt. Guided tour through: www.treeoflifeschool.com. Brian had the opportunity to visit Egypt in 2002, to discover that the ankh had a significant place in Egyptian history as a ceremonial tool of initiation. In all initiations there is a death of the old ways to begin a new life which is caused by the Creator of life through the breath.



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