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Music is a universal language that transcends cultural differences and barriers. Certain sound frequencies affect the brain waves in the bodies to the extent that they naturally produce endorphins that stimulate the body to move, such as dancing, creating a happy euphoric state. According to brain research studies other sound frequencies emitted by certain musical instruments produce a state of mental and physical relaxation in the body.

The importance of this “relaxation response” as it has been termed by the medical community is that in this “theta” state that is where the deepest healing of the mind/body occurs. Musical instruments such as the Ting shas (small Cymbals) originally from Tibet produce frequencies in this frequency range of 4-8 Cycles per second. Other studies on the effects of music on the body have shown that:

•  Reduces anxiety, heart and respiratory rates

•  Reduces cardiac complications

•  Reduces blood pressure, heart rate and noise sensitivity in
   heart surgery patients.

•  Increased immune cell messengers

•  Increased learning abilities and creativity

Sound therapy, therefore, is now being used for its healing properties by health care professionals under the category of complementary therapies or integrative medicine.  


Rattles and drums were used by shamans in other cultures since they are the instruments that most closely simulate the sound of the beating human heart. It has been studied by scientists of the Heart Institute that the human heart actually beats to the same pulse beat of the earth's rotation and oscillation which is at 7.83 HZ. In other words to bring the heart, the seat of our emotions, our bodies and our minds back into harmony. How it works is that Vibrational Sound Therapy allows energy blockages such as pain or tension to be reduced and released creating a return to a healthy state of mind and body.

One can experience the sound and use of the drum and rattle by purchasing the Vibrational Sound Therapy Workshop DVD.

Zenergy Chimes

There are two types of chimes. One is a single bar chime known as the Zenergy Chime and the double bar chime is known as the Zenergy Meditation Chime.

Both chimes can be utilized in much the same way as tingshas. Sounds like this are often used in meditation and healing because they help us to focus and redirect our attention to the sounds within.

The Zenergy Meditation Chime has two rods which are tuned to nearly – but not quite – the same pitch. When both rods are struck at the same time, an acoustical phenomena known as “beating” is produced. The rods will seem to ring with the same pitch, but you will notice a distinct pulsation or rhythm – in this case approximately 12 beats per second.

Chimes are an effective tool for creating a harmonious environment in your home or office. Chimes are very effective in enhancing feng shui such as creating a “sacred space” in your home or office.

Chimes are often used by teachers and yoga instructors to call a class or group to order, and to clear the mind before beginning meditation.

One can experience the sound and see the demonstration of these chimes by purchasing the Vibrational Sound Therapy Workshop DVD. These wonderful chimes are also available for purchase in our on-line store.

Tibetan Bell

The Tibetan Bell is another Vibratory Sound Therapy tool. It is often used in ceremony. The bell is one part of three. The other parts are the double dorje and the wooden mallet.

The bell, which is held in the left hand, represents the feminine energy. The double dorje, or double lightening bolt, is one of the strongest dispellers of negativity and represents the masculine energy.

The handle of the bell is a dorje. Thus the bell represents the blending of the male and female energies.

The bell has various symbols representing various prayers on the bellow of the bell. Playing the bell releases the vibration of this sound and the energy of the symbols is sent out into the world.

There is also a demonstration of a Tibetan bell and Tibetan metal bowl being played on the Vibrational Sound Therapy DVD. Tibetan bell sets are available for purchase in the on-line store.


The didgeridoo is the hollow tree limb originally played by the Aboriginal people of Australia. It is said that the history of the Aboriginals go back 50,000 years.

The didgeridoo began as a living tree. Thus, it was bathed by the sun, nourished by the rain, and had its roots into Mother earth. When played properly, by using circular breath, the didgeridoo is powered by breath, which is spirit in action. The didgeridoo was used in the past as a communication tool and ceremonial instrument for healing.

As a healing tool the didgeridoo can be played to clear a room of negative energy through its deep resonance. The didgeridoo can also be utilized to conduct a sound scan. This is where the practitioner plays the didge over the client's body. It is akin to sonic depth analysis. The practitioner is intuitively aware of differences in the sound bouncing back from various areas on the client's body. This allows the practitioner to go back and “blast” those areas which are more energy deficient.

The didgeridoo has the ability to create rich overtones, as opposed to a more specific note like a piano. It is said that the didgeridoo is one of the most primordial sounds on the planet. Thus, it has the ability to open memories of the past. The droning sound of the didge is most similar to that of the Hindu and Buddhist chants.

Phil Jones, one of Brian's didgeridoo teachers, said that the didge takes him in 10 minutes what used to take two hours with meditation.

The didge player's lips flutter which stimulates the pituitary gland which is the master gland in the body. Phil says that playing the didge is 50 to 100 time more powerful than being played into.

To experience this unique sound check out the Vibrational Sound Therapy Workshop DVD sold in the online store. Private “didge” healing sessions are available by appointment. To sign up to attend a Vibational Sound workshop see the events calendar.



The gong consists of aesthetic beauty in appearance and rich sound(s). Old gongs were formed by pounding metal into a shape. More recent gongs are machine made and contain undulations from being machined.

The gong is very much like the steel drum and contains a variety of tonal qualities depending upon where it is struck and the frequency and pressure exerted while playing.

The gong, like the didgeridoo, can emote the rich overtones, where deep healing takes place.

Gongs come in a variety of sizes and shapes ranging from hanging gongs to gongs with stands and are currently offered with 10” and 20” diameters. The larger gong has a deeper and richer sound.

Gongs are available at our on-line store.

Crystal Bowls

Crystal bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. Our physical body is a crystalline matrix.   That is why our physical bodies resonate so well with quartz crystals. Crystal bowls are powerful healing tools that contain the same properties of the crystals which are the qualities of expansion and transformational change in one's life. It is important to approach the use of the bowls with a reverence for the potenti al contained in combining intention with the properties of crystal.

They are available in clear, frosted or other varieties of colored crystal. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 to 24 inches in diameter. The smaller bowls have a higher tone. However, the larger diameter bowls have a deeper, richer tone.

Crystal bowls are available as “frosted” which creates a softer sound. Crystal bowls are fused with metals to integrate the metallic energy. Gold is stimulating. Platinum is grounding. Silver is sedating. Other types of crystal bowls include those made of rose quartz which is a heart stone. Moldavite which is an asteroid. Ruby bowls connects more with root chakra energies. One of the more recent introductions to the crystal bowl line is a blend of the energy of a diamond!

Additionally, our chakras, primary energy centers, correspond to the following musical notes.

•  C -  Base Chakra

•  D -  Spleen Chakra

•  E -  Solar Plexus Chakra

•  F -  Heart Chakra

•  G - Throat Chakra

•  A - Third Eye Chakra

•  B - Crown Chakra

Individuals generally work with one or a cluster of bowls depending upon what areas they are working through emotional or physical blockages. Holistic practitioners, yoga centers, and sound therapists have utilized the complete chakra set to make beautiful music for healing work with a wide variety of clients.    

Frosted crystal bowls are available at our on-line store. For a specific size or note call or email for a quote. For “specialty” bowls, of a specific type of crystal, please call for a price quote.

Crystal bowls are available at our on-line store.

Vocal Toning and Mantras

Toning is the usage of the voice to express sounds for the purpose of release or relief. Toning increases the breath flow and balances the flow of energy in the body.

Our experience has been that it is more profound to incorporate sound with breath. Since the voice expresses the individual's personal power, it works in conjunction with second chakra or sacral chakra which is our center for creative and sexual expression. Both of these energy centers or chakras help to keep the each other in balance.

“The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument: It has Consciousness.” -Fabien Maman

Vocal toning and chanting are both very powerful and experiential. The various sounds affect specific parts and regions of the body. Vowel toning and Bija mantras are explained and demonstrated on the Vibrational Sound Therapy DVD which is in the online store. The DVD is the perfect opportunity for beginning the practice of toning or chanting on a regular basis to increase one's health and wellbeing.



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