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The dolphin appears to move easily and effortlessly through its environment. This is due to using its physical body on a daily basis. This enables the muscles to be in excellent shape and condition.

Movement of the muscles as part of a daily regiment is beneficial to increase flexibility, strength and longevity.

Movement in the form of yoga, stretching, Tai Chi exercises, and dance all help achieve improved breath flow, muscle tone, and increased range of motion. Maintenance of the body through movement is critical for longevity.

Muscle functions include movement, posture, and heat production. Muscles, without knots and adhesions, operating in the proper muscle firing sequence, result in coordinated movement.

Stretching releases synovial fluid which lubricates the joints. Slow stretching elongates the muscles and connective tissues in our bodies. The pliable nature is akin to a sapling or young tree.

Tai Chi focuses upon squatting which moves the greatest volume of blood in the body. Increased blood flow results in increased oxygenation of the cells, nutrition to the cells, removal of waste products and enhanced chi flow (life force).

Most of us rode bikes and ran as children. However, we got away from these activities due to the demands of school, work and family.

Tai Chi and Yoga both begin as physical exercises. Yet, both are also spiritual disciplines teaching mindfulness and awareness of breath coordinated with movement to harmonize the body and mind. The student drops into deeper levels of connectedness and awareness as the physical body relaxes more fully and the breath follows.

Motion imbeds information and so it is useful in early childhood development to assist with learning. Repetitive motions teach us a new skill like tying your shoes when you were a child. Rhythmic movement teaches us to release our stress and emotional distress by tuning into our breath and our bodies's abilities to release.

Breath, Sound and Movement exercises which we teach in our workshops are designed to help the individual to return to as state of youthfulness and playfulness. Daily practice with these techniques helps to achieve an attitude of enjoyment of life.

We offer private and group yoga and Tai Chi classes.


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